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What's Involved in a Comprehensive Home Assessment (aka Audit or "CHA")?

In order for a homeowner to participate in the Home Performance with EmPower+ NYSERDA program you must meet with a certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractor who has been skillfully trained in all aspects of home energy improvements. IES is one of Western New York’s premiere contractor’s.

IES was recently awarded “Top Ten Outstanding Contractor for 2012” for New York State’s EmPower+ Program ! (click here to see our name on the list)

The Audit or "CHA" can take from 1-3 hrs to perform as outlined below:
  1. Once you, the homeowner schedules the CHA to be performed by IES, one of the owners will sit down with you to address issues regarding safety and energy issues in your home. Is one room colder than another? Are the walls cold? Do you have cold drafts coming in around doors and windows? Whatever the concerns, we take this opportunity to learn more about your home before testing.
  2. Next, we’ll tour your home together so you can help point out known problem areas, while IES is performing their own visual exam. We are trained experts and know what to look for even if they are not an obvious issue to you.
  3. After the visual inspection is completed, it’s time to get serious with the hands-on testing. We bring in special equipment to perform health and safety tests on your home to make sure there are no dangerous gas leaks, and analyze your home from top to bottom.
  1. Once all testing has been completed, we sit down again to make and prioritize recommendations for any work (ex: new windows, doors, insulation, air sealing, etc.) based on our findings from each test.
  2. You, the homeowner, will decide on the repairs that IES will do on your home based on our discussion. IES will then provide you with a quote for the total cost of the work involved, as well as detailing the Financial Options available based on your needs. If you have an income, you more than likely qualify for assistance. We bring any and all necessary forms you will need to fill out to get the ball rolling. It’s that easy!
  3. Just give us a call at 716.200.8563 or fill out our online contact form if you need quick assistance. If we don’t get back with you in a timely fashion, make sure to call us as sometimes emails get sent to a ‘spam’ folder for no apparent reason.

What is the Home Performance with EmPower+ Program?

The Home Performance with EmPower+ program is a national program, and is sponsored by NYSERDA for New York State homeowners who qualify based on income and occupancy to help save you money and energy. The EmPower+ Program only recognizes home improvement contracts between a customer and a BPI Accredited Contractor. (click here to see a list of Ideal Energy Solutions credentials)

Through participation in the program, Ideal Energy Solutions has been professionally trained in taking a “whole-house” approach when testing your home and identifying energy efficient improvements. We are a BPI Accredited Contractor and currently serve 10 counties in Western New York. (click here to see the counties we help)

The Home Performance with EmPower+ Program consists of 2 Phases:

Phase 1 »

Ideal Energy Solution certified BPI Professionals perform a Comprehensive Home Assessment at your location which involves diagnostic testing of your homes current energy performance. (Click here to see how we test your home)

After the tests are completed (1-3 hrs), we show you the results, identify any and all areas that need addressed, and identify costs associated with our recommended improvements.

Phase 2 »

Ideal Energy Solutions will provide you with information on the financial incentives and energy assistance you can receive. Once you agree to a contract and work to be performed by Ideal Energy Solutions, it is now our mission to make your home more enjoyable, more energy efficient, more comfortable and safe, AND save you hundreds of dollars on your yearly electric and gas bill.

We have helped hundreds of homeowner’s throughout Western New York over the years who have participated in the Home Performance with EmPower+ NYSERDA program. They can’t thank us enough for “bringing back the joy” of being warm and cozy in their own home, especially during the cold winter months. Need proof? We’ll get you in touch with a happy homeowner!

Need references before you decide to work with IES?

We have a plethora of happy customers who would love to share their success stories on saving money and having a newfound joy in their once uncomfortable home. Can we add you to our list of future happy customers?

IES was awarded “Top Ten Outstanding Contractor of the Year 2012″ for the EmPower+ NY Program. Perhaps this will help in your decision to give us a call at 716.200.8563. We will be with you from start to finish, and we aren’t satisfied unless you are with our work.