Making WNY a more comfortable place to live, one home at a time. We are BPI certified and participants in the EmPower+ NY program.

We don’t build homes, we upgrade/retrofit homes to make your home life, and all the occupants comfortable and safe so you can spend more time enjoying your surroundings. We’ll show you where your money is leaking out of your home — through doors, windows, plumbing, electrical outlets, water heaters, furnace, boilers, appliances, insulation, and we test for carbon monoxide leaks. Don’t throw money out the window or down the drain needlessly. Why are you waiting when you can start saving money now?

IES employees have completed rigorous training programs in home performance evaluation to better understand the dynamics of how homes should work as a system— the “whole-house energy evaluation” procedure to be exact.

  • BPI Gold Star Accredited Contractors in Western New York Ideal Energy Solutions are Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Contractors, helping homeowners in 10 counties in Western New York.

What to look for in a Qualified Contractor?

Never overlook the importance of this step – don’t skimp on time or effort here when it comes to your home. Your Ideal Energy Solutions contractor will become your ‘expert’. We can say that as we have gone through the training necessary to do so, and we keep current on new technology and solutions by attending seminars facilitated by a team of experts around the country. We want to be YOUR contractor of choice and hope our credentials will be a factor in your decision to hire us as your new BPI certified contractor in Western New York. In November of 2012, our company was one of 10 companies in New York State awarded “Outstanding Contractor of the Year 2012” for the EmPower+ NY Program. Although this came as a surprise, it really is an honor to be acknowledged in such a way from experts in the industry, as it reflects our main mission to help you, our customer, save money on your energy bills and to make sure your home is safe and comfortable year round.

Beware of low cost bids as they may reflect not only the use of inferior products, but also the use of untrained or inexperienced workers. Proper training is crucial when it comes to installing windows, insulation and siding, and more importantly, test for dangerous gas leaks in your home that can be deadly.

The training Ideal Energy Solutions has received by the industry experts guarantees we will get your job done “RTFT – Right The First Time”. Sure we are human and if something is not done to your satisfaction, we’ll make it right! We want to know if you are not satisfied in any way as that helps our business improve upon our mission to provide the best service possible for our clients.

Ideal Energy Solutions will be with you from start to finish, and after to make sure the job was done according to all industry standards. We’ve been in with the program for over 5 years and understand just what is required as all of our work is subject to inspection by the program.

Ideal Energy Solutions Contractors are members of:

EmPower+ Program, Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified, New York State Weatherization Directors Association (NYSWDA), and EPA Lead Safe Renovation Contractors