Go Green — Get Green!   If you have an income, You Qualify »

Your Energy Saving Home Improvements = Money in YOUR Wallet!

You may be eligible for incentives or low interest financing to make your energy efficient home improvements more affordable. To top it off, the home energy savings you can expect when you perform the improvements can quite possibly offset the initial cost of your investment. One more thing, ALL energy saving home improvements qualify for a Federal Tax Credit, up to $1,500!

Don’t waste time online trying to find the right paperwork and programs as we have all the forms you need to get you started, all you need to do is give us a call! Before you make any purchases on appliances or heating/cooling your home, windows/doors, insulation, etc., we can fill you in on WNY’s energy assistance programs that will help you get money back.

Important to read: If you are looking into the Home Performance with EmPower+ Program, the incentive options shown below are only available to those using a participating BPI Accredited Home Performance Contractor, and great news for you, Ideal Energy Solutions is just that.

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The 10% Cashback »
When you complete energy efficient upgrades with the Home Performance with EmPower+ Program, you are eligible for a rebate of 10% of the total work, up to $3000. Check with IES to make sure the upgrades qualify for this incentive.


Assisted HPwES Grants »
If your income qualifies, you are eligible for a grant of up to $5000 to cover up to 50% of energy efficient upgrades. In most WNY counties, a family of four with a combined household income of up to 65,000 will qualify.


Low-interest Financing »
NYSERDA offers two low-interest loan options:
  1. On-Bill Recovery Loan: Loan payments are built into your utility bill and are basically paid for by the cost savings of your energy upgrades.
  2. Smart Energy Loan: Similar to any conventional loan, you will make monthly payments to a NYSERDA loan servicer by check or automatic payment withdrawals. Current interest rate is 3.49% which is subject to change.

*Please contact IES at info@ieswny.com, or fill out a simple form by clicking here to help with any questions regarding the Financing Options for the program.